The African Renaissance and the Afro-Arab Spring: A Season of Rebirth?

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"Anyone who wants to understand what is going on in Africa today needs to read this book. The birth of the African Renaissance and Afro-Arab Spring has injected hope and produced its disappointments. The continent's future is uncertain. I suggest, however, that future generations will look back to this time as a crucial turning point in African and global politics. This book plumbs the depths of Africa's quest for rebirth, often against overwhelming forces of resistance--with tentacles reaching deep into the West, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and elsewhere." -- Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus (Cape Town -- South Africa)
Addresses the often unspoken connection between South African apartheid and the popular revolts of 2011 that dramatically remade the landscape in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. In this book, contributors shed light on a critical conversation about the desire for radical change holds the possibility of a new beginning for Africa.
Editiert von: Charles Villa-Vicencio, Erik Doxtader, Ebrahim Moosa
Charles Villa-Vicencio is a visiting professor in the Conflict Resolution Program at Georgetown University and senior research fellow at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town. Erik Doxtader is a professor of rhetoric at the University of South Carolina and a senior research fellow at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town. Ebrahim Moosa is a professor of Islamic Studies with appointments in the Department of History and the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

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Autor: Charles Villa-Vicencio
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