Subject Pronoun Expression in Spanish: A Cross-Dialectal Perspective

Georgetown Studies in Spanish
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"[A] superb collection of studies that substantially increases our understanding, not only of variation in subject personal pronouns, but also of variable morphosyntactic processes generally... clearly relevant to all students and scholars who wish to understand the complexities of linguistic variation and dialect contact." -- Robert Bayley, professor of Linguistics, University of California, Davis "Students and scholars will find that this volume is an essential reference in the field of Spanish language variation. If the study of final /s/ has lead Spanish sociophonetics, the study of subject pronouns stars in sociogrammar. This volume presents a 3D analysis of how subject pronouns are used and acquired in Spanish. This comprehensive volume is not only of interest to those concerned with Spanish grammar, but also to anyone interested in pro-drop languages. The vision of Carvalho, Orozo and Shin has harmonized an excellent collective volume." -- Francisco Moreno-Fernandez, professor of Hispanic linguistics. University of Alcala (Spain). Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University. ,
Provides a panoramic view of research trends, develop probabilistic models of grammar, and investigate the impact of language contact on pronoun expression. The book is divided into three sections. It features views of experts on the topic of language variation in Spanish.
Editiert von: Ana M. Carvalho, Rafael Orozco, Naomi Lapidus Shin
Ana M. Carvalho is an associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona. Rafael Orozco is an assistant professor of Spanish linguistics at Louisiana State University. Naomi Lapidus Shin is an assistant professor of Spanish and Linguistics at the University of New Mexico.

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