Meeting China Halfway: How to Defuse the Emerging Us-China Rivalry

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"Lyle Goldstein's book on China delivers a bracing synthesis on the dangers the United States faces and the options it has in the face of China's military rise. It will be required reading for Asia specialists." -- Robert Kaplan, author of Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific and chief geopolitical analyst for Stratfor "The most consequential dyad in an increasingly polycentric world is the Sino-American relationship. But this relationship is strategically and intellectually in irons and drifting toward possible shipwreck. Goldstein offers a gale of fresh thinking to redirect it toward mutually advantageous problem solving. He addresses apparently intractable problems with meticulous research and uncommon ingenuity, drawing on Chinese as well as American sources. His recommendations balance suggested actions by both countries. Meeting China Halfway is thus a very thought-provoking manual for the re-imagination of engagement between America and China. Its proposals are clear and specific and invite those inclined to inaction to come up with better alternatives." -- Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.), Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs "Although Beijing and Washington have agreed to build a new model of big power relations to free China and the US from the so-called 'Thucydides trap' with the established power and the emerging power colliding inexorably, their strategic mistrust continues to worsen and the rivalry has intensified. Lyle Goldstein is in a unique positon to witness firsthand in both Washington and Beijing the rising distrust and produced this unique book to explore the new paths of US--China relations leading toward the cooperation spirals and avoiding escalation spirals. A timely and compelling work, must read for anyone interested in the most important bilateral relations and great power politics in the 21st century." -- Suisheng Zhao, Director, Center for China--US Cooperation, editor of the Journal of Contemporary China, University of Denver "The downward spiral in US--China relations is the most dangerous trend in international politics. Preventing it from ending in crisis, miscalculation, and war should be the highest priority. Lyle Goldstein brings not just punditry but genuine expertise on China to the problem, and applies impressive energy to finding a way out. His ambitious exploration of 'cooperation spirals' will be controversial, should provoke sharp debate about options for conflict avoidance, and deserves attention because it is among the few optimistic approaches that engage the obstacles to peace rather than dismissing them." -- Richard Betts, director, Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University "In this important book, Lyle Goldstein provides a clear and detailed argument for how the US and China can move into a more cooperative relationship and avoid the very real danger of inadvertent conflict. Arguing that both China and the United States must find ways to move into "cooperation spirals," Goldstein offers dozens of small and large policy recommendations across a range of issues that illuminate ways in which both countries can and should move their relations onto a more positive footing. From specific suggestions about economic policy, to ways in which these two countries can manage their relations on the Korean peninsula or in Southeast Asia, this important book provides a much-needed clarity in discussions about US-China relations and US grand strategy to the Pacific. Moving far beyond sterile debates about whether to contain or engage China, Meeting China Halfway represents one of the most sophisticated accounts of East Asian international relations to appear in recent years. An essential book for anyone wishing to understand and influence how the United States-China relationship might evolve in the future." -- David C. Kang, University of Southern California "Lyle Goldstein takes the debate about US--China relations in a quite new and vitally important direction. Combining deep scholarship with a keen sense of practical policy, he offers a detailed plan for the two powers to step back from escalating rivalry through mutual accommodation. Sooner or later, if America and China are to stay at peace, they will have to take steps very much like those Goldstein proposes. And the sooner the better." -- Hugh White, Australian National University " Meeting China Halfway is a serious and thoughtful attempt to guide the US-China rivalry away from militarized and zero-sum confrontation and toward policies that would be helpful not only bilaterally but more generally to East Asia and the world. Goldstein is a senior analyst of Chinese maritime policy who is well known for his familiarity with Chinese writing on security and environmental issues. He brings both a wealth of Chinese sourcing to the project and, more importantly, a respect for China as an intelligent counterpart with distinctive perspectives." -- Brantly Womack, professor of foreign affairs and C.K. Yen Chair, the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, author of China among Unequals: Asymmetric Foreign Relations in Asia "Lyle Goldstein is one of the foremost analysts in America today of the growing US-China security competition. This book presents a detailed and perceptive assessment of the forces driving this competition and offers what will undoubtedly become a highly controversial set of recommendations for mitigating it. Although some observers will likely take issue with many of Goldstein's proposals, they cannot avoid consideration of his fundamental argument regarding the need to develop far-reaching, practical means of mutual reassurance in this crucially important relationship. This work should stimulate a much-needed debate." -- Michael Swaine, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "Goldstein proposes a bold call for the US -- accommodate China's interests in Asia instead of clinging to the status quo. Based on his thorough research in Chinese writings, Goldstein proposes mutual compromises to set in motion a spiral of cooperation. This valuable book will frame the China policy debate for years to come." -- Susan Shirk, Chair, 21st Century China Program, UC-San Diego
US - China conflict is far from inevitable, major tensions are build in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite worrying signs of intensifying rivalry between Washington and Beijing, few observers have provided concrete paradigms to lead this troubled relationship away from disaster. This book is about US-China relations.
Autor: Lyle J. Goldstein
Lyle J. Goldstein is an associate professor in the Strategic Research Department at the US Naval War College (NWC). He was also the founding director of the NWC's China Maritime Studies Institute. He is the coeditor of numerous volumes including China, the United States, and 21st Century Sea Power.

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