Aquarius Haunted Heart - Book Two of the Witch Upon a Star Series

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Welcome to Aquarius: Haunted Heart, the second volume in the Witch Upon a Star series by Sephera Giron, witch/tarot reader/astrologer. Madeline is the Aquarius witch of Lucy's coven in Hermana and she is turning 31. The witches cast a love spell in hope of opening up Madeline's stony cold heart. Soon, Madeline has an offer she can't refuse. Over Valentine's Day weekend no less. Jake is an acclaimed paranormal investigator from California and though Madeline has chatted with him online in a ghost hunting forum, they've never met in person. Until Madeline invites him to an investigation at a haunted house in Hermana. He meets a few of the witches during his visit, and Madeline isn't sure what she thinks by the time the investigation comes to a close. However, not long after, Jake extends an invitation for Madeline to take part in a reality ghost hunting TV show in California. Will Madeline accept Jake's offer? Will these two strong personalities ever stop clashing long enough to kiss? What other secrets are hidden in the haunted houses of Hermana?

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Autor: Sephera Giron
ISBN-13 :: 9781626012691
ISBN: 1626012695
Erscheinungsjahr: 10.03.2016
Gewicht: 240g
Seiten: 238
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 203x127x13 mm
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