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Dissenting Words

Interviews with Jacques Rancière
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Jacques Rancière
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Dissenting Words is a lively and engaging collection of interviews that span the length of Jacques Rancière's trajectory, from the critique of Althusserian Marxism and the work on proletarian thinking in the nineteenth century to the more recent reflections on politics and aesthetics. Across these pages, Rancière discusses the figures, concepts and arguments he has introduced to the theoretical landscape over the past forty years, the themes and concerns that have animated his thinking, the positions he has defended and the wide range of objects and discourses that have attracted his attention and through which his thought has unfolded: history, pedagogy, literature, art, cinema. But more than reflecting on the continuities, turns, ruptures and deviations in his thought, Rancière recasts his work in a different discursive register. And the pleasure we experience in reading these interviews - with their asides, displacements and reconstructions - stems from the way Rancière transforms the voice of the thinker commenting on his texts and elucidating his concepts into another, and equally rich, manifestation of his thought.Core sections of this edition are translated from the french publication Et tant pis pour le gens fatigués, by Jacques Rancière, © Editions Amsterdam 2009, published by arrangement Agence litteraire Pierre Astier & Associés
Editor's Preface, Emiliano Battista 1. The Fraternal ImageWith Serge Daney and Serge ToubianaCahiers du cinéma, 19762. Too Bad for You if You're Tired! With Edmond El MalehLe Monde, 19813. The Visit to the People With Serge Le Péron and Charles Tesson Cahiers du cinéma, 19854. Politics of Writing With Mônica Castro Netto Philosophie, philosophie 19935. The Names of History, a History of Names With Martyne Pierrot and Martin de la SoudièreCommunications, 19946. The Ignorant Schoolmaster With Mathieu Potte-Bonneville and Isabelle Saint-Saëns Vacarme, 19997. Dissenting Words: A Conversation with Jacques Rancière With Davide Panagia Diacritics, 20008. Politics Is Not Coextensive with Life or the State With Nicolas Poirier Le Philosophoire, 20019. Politics and Aesthetics: An Interview With Peter Hallward Angelaki, 200310. Community as Dissensus With François Noudelmann Rue Descartes, 200311. Identifications of the People With Diane Arnaud and Stéphane Bou Simulacres, 2003 (issued never published)12. The Actuality of The Ignorant SchoolmasterWith Andrea Benvenuto, Laurence Cornu and Patrice Vermeren Le Télémache, 200513. Losing Too Is Still Ours: An Interview about the Thwarted Politics of Literature With Martin Jalbert Cahiers littéraires Contre-jour, 200514. The Indecisive Affect With Patrice Blouin, Élie During and Dork Zabunyan Critique, 200515. The New Anti-Democratic Discourse With Amador Fernández-Savater Archipélago, 200616. Art of the Possible:With Fulvia Carnevale and John Kelsey Artforum, 200717. Another Type of UniversalityWith Markus Klammer, Stéphane Montavon, Stefan Neuer and Mladen Gladic Revue 31 - Das Magazin des Intituts für Theorie, 2007 18. Critique of the Critique of the 'Spectacle' With Jérôme Game RiLi - La Revue international des livres et des idées, 200919. Constructing the Spaces of PoliticsWith members of the Mouvement des Chômeurs et Précaires en Lutte de Rennes Le Sabot, outil de liason locale sur Rennes et ses environs, 200920. It's Up to You to Invent the Rest With Stéphane Delorme and Dork Zabunyan Cahiers du cinéma, 201521. Back to Althusser With Emiliano Battista, 2015Works cited: Jacques RancièreIndex

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