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Christian Faith and Social Justice: Five Views

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Vic Mccracken
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The Judeo-Christian tradition testifies to a God that cries out, demanding that justice "roll down like waters, righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" (Amos 5:24). Christians agree that being advocates for justice is critical to the Christian witness. And yet one need not look widely to see that Christians disagree about what social justice entails. What does justice have to do with healthcare reform, illegal immigration, and same-sex marriage? Should Christians support tax policies that effectively require wealthy individuals to fund programs that benefit the poor? Does justice require that we acknowledge and address the inequalities borne out of histories of gender and ethnic exclusivity? Is the Christian vision distinct from non-Christian visions of social justice? Christians disagree over the proper answer to these questions. In short, Christians agree that justice is important but disagree about what a commitment to justice means. Christian Faith and Social Justice makes sense of the disagreements among Christians over the meaning of justice by bringing together five highly regarded Christian philosophers to introduce and defend rival perspectives on social justice in the Christian tradition. The positions advocated and critiqued are: libertarianism, political liberalism, liberation theology, feminism, and virtue ethics. While it aspires to offer a lucid introduction to these theories, the purpose of this book is more than informative. It is purposefully dialogical and is structured so that contributors are able to model for the reader reasoned exchange among philosophers who disagree about the meaning of social justice. The hope is that the reader is left with a better understanding of range of perspectives in the Christian tradition about social justice.
Contributors Acknowledgements Social Justice: An Introduction to a Vital Concept, Vic McCracken, Abilene Christian University, USAChapter 1: Libertarianism and Social Justice: A Christian Approach, Jason Jewell, Faulkner University, USA Libertarian Justice: A Liberal Response Libertarian Justice: A Liberationist Response Libertarian Justice: A Feminist Response Libertarian Justice: A Virtue Ethicist's Response Chapter 2: Political Liberalism, Social Justice, and Christian Faith, Daniel A. Dombrowski, Seattle University, USAPolitical Liberalism: A Libertarian Response Political Liberalism: A Liberationist Response Political Liberalism: A Feminist Response Political Liberalism: A Virtue Ethicist's Response Chapter 3: Liberation Theology and Social Justice: A Defense, Miguel A. De La Torre, Iliff School of Theology, USALiberation Theology: A Libertarian Response Liberation Theology: A Liberal Response Liberation Theology: A Feminist Response Liberation Theology: A Virtue Ethicist's Response Chapter 4: A Christian Feminist Theory of Justice, Laura Strivers, Dominican University, USA Christian Feminism: A Libertarian Response Christian Feminism: A Liberal Response Christian Feminism: A Liberationist Response Christian Feminism: A Virtue Ethicist's Response Chapter 5: Virtue Ethics and Social Justice, Elizabeth Phillips, Westcott House, United Kingdom Virtue Ethics: A Libertarian Response Virtue Ethics: A Liberal Response Virtue Ethics: A Libertarian Response Virtue Ethics: A Feminist Response Libertarianism: A Concluding Response, Vic McCracken, Abilene Christian University, USAPolitical Liberalism: A Concluding Response Liberation Theology: A Concluding Response Christian Feminism: A Concluding Response Virtue Ethics: A Concluding Response Index

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