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Content is King

News Media Management in the Digital Age
 Ebook (PDF)
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Ebook (PDF)
Gary Graham
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From the viewpoint of newspaper organizations the main competitive media has shrunk to only one, the internet. But the effect of this innovation has been devastating in capturing the vast majority of the advertising revenues on which newspapers have depended. The larger the internet-based media became the more newspapers and other media shrank. Pairing an academic and former industry news manager, this textbook assesses the situation in which the regional news media industry finds itself, and explores methods, processes and techniques, which might usefully be introduced to help the news media firm secure a viable future. In focusing on newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, the work is filled with real-life examples and interviews with news media managers, illustrating how management is being conducted in this age of turbulence. The goal is to give students practice in solving complex strategic problems and to provide them with a series of intellectual and professional exercises. Their method of using case studies will enable students to explore in detail key theoretical issues before applying them to real life management settings.
Chapter 1 Introduction Section One. Challenges facing newspapersChapter 2. News media and their CommunitiesChapter 3. Disruptive Technological InnovationSection Two. Management and leadership of news media firms Chapter 4. Establishing Leadership and Strategic Management Chapter 5. Value Chain Structure and PropertiesChapter 6. Self-Organizing Value CreationChapter 7 Managing Cross Media SynergySection Three. Future Management Visions Chapter 8. Creative News Media VisionsChapter 9. Digital Printing and CustomizationChapter 10. Positioning, Self Branding, Visual Identity, Concepts and ThoughtsChapter 11. Conclusions Index

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