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Justice as Welfare links equality, justice and welfare at the philosophical level, to propose an egalitarian view of social justice.
Foreword Introduction: The Community of Welfare Chapter 1: Inside the Whale: Being With and Immunity Chapter 2: A Short History of Decay: Welfare and the State 1945-2010 Chapter 3: The Broken Middle: Welfare, Solidarity and Economy Chapter 4: How We Live Measures Our Own Nature: Equality, Welfare and Social Justice Chapter 5: Associational Welfare: Self Help, Mutualism and Co-Production Chapter 6: Paid on Both Sides: Mutuality, Reciprocity and Economy Chapter 7: A Life's Work: Pensions, Welfare and Capital Chapter 8: There, outside all caring...: Welfare, Immunity and Globalisation Chapter 9: The Sense of Wel-fare Conclusion: The Shared World Bibliography Index

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