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Alain Delon

Style, Stardom and Masculinity
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Nick Rees-Roberts
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Few European male actors have been as iconic and influential for generations of filmgoers as Alain Delon. Emblematic of a modern, European masculinity, Delon's appeal spanned cultures and continents. From his breakthrough as the first on-screen Tom Ripley in Purple Noon in 1960, through two legendary performances in Rocco and His Brothers and The Leopard in the early 1960s, to his roles in some of Jean-Pierre Melville's most celebrated films noirs, Delon came to embody the flair and stylishness of the European thriller as one of France's most recognizable film stars. This collection examines the star's career, image and persona. Not only focusing on his spectacular early performances, the book also considers less well documented aspects of Delon's long career such as his time in Hollywood, his work as director, producer and screenwriter, his musical collaborations, his TV appearances, and his enduring role as a fashion icon in the 21st century. Whether the object of reverence or ridicule, of desire or disdain, Delon remains a unique figure who continues to court controversy and fascination more than five decades after he first achieved international fame.
Introduction: Alain Delon, Then and Now Nick Rees-Roberts, University of Bristol, UK, and Darren Waldron, University of Manchester, UK On the Limits of Narcissism: Alain Delon, Masculinity and the Delusion of Agency Darren Waldron, University of Manchester, UK Delon and Performance: Emploi and the Interaction between Individual, Role and Character Laurent Jullier, Université Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle, France, and Jean-Marc Leveratto, Université de Lorraine, France France's 'New Don Juan': The Representation of Delon's Youth Gwénaëlle Le Gras, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France Dubbing Delon: Voice, Body and National Stardom in Rocco and his Brothers Catherine O'Rawe, University of Bristol, UK Delon/Gabin/Verneuil: Modernity within Tradition Leila Wimmer, London Metropolitan University, UK Alain Delon, International Man of Mystery Mark Gallagher, University of Nottingham, UK The Star's Script: Delon as Director, Producer and Screenwriter Isabelle Vanderschelden, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK The Singing Actor: Delon on Record Barbara Lebrun, University of Manchester, UK Dressed to Kill: Delon as Style Icon Nick Rees-Roberts, University of Bristol, UK Toujours Delon: The Script of Ageing Sue Harris, Queen Mary University of London, UK

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