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Media and Translation

An Interdisciplinary Approach
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Dror Abend-David
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Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in publications on media and translation. In fact, there are those who believe that so much has been published in this field that any further publications are superfluous. But if one views media and translation as anything ranging from film and television drama to news-casting, commercials, video games, web-pages and electronic street signs, it would seem that research in media and translation has barely scratched the surface. The research in this field is shared largely by scholars in communication and translation studies, often without knowledge of each other or access to their respective methods of scholarship. This collection will rectify this lack of communication by bringing such scholars together and creating a context for a theoretical discussion of the entire emerging field of Media and Translation, with a preference for theoretical work (rather than case studies) on translation and communications of various forms, and through various media.
AcknowledgementsEditor's Note - Dror Abend-David, University of Florida, USAPreface - Susan Bassnett, University of Warwick, UKSection I - Film Translation and Adaptation- An introductory noteChapter 1: Multilingual Films and Integration? What role does Film Translation Play? By Christine Heiss, University of Bologna, Italy Chapter 2: Accounting for Multilingual Films in Translation Studies. Intratextual translation in dubbingBy Patrick Zabalbeascoa and Elena Voellmer, Pompeu Fabra University, SpainChapter 3: A South African take on the gangster film genre: translating Tsotsi and Hijack Stories for an international audienceBy Zoë Pettit, University of Greenwich, UKSection II - Subtitling and Dubbing- An introductory noteChapter 4 Insights into the false orality of dubbed fictional dialogue and the language of dubbingBy Rocío Baños, University College London, UKChapter 5: Dubbing as a Formal Interference - Reflections and ExamplesBy Emilio Audissino, University of Southampton, UKSection III - Media and Computer Translation- An introductory noteChapter 6: Live Subtitling with Speech Recognition - How to pinpoint the challenges?By Aline Remael, Luuk Van Waes, & Mariëlle Leijten, University of Antwerp, BelgiumSection IV - Between Literary and Media Translation- An introductory noteChapter 7: From Hybridity to Dispersion: film subtitling as an adaptive practiceBy Michael Raine, Western University, Canada Chapter 8: When Fantasy Becomes a Real Issue: On Local and Global Aspects of Literary Translation/Adaptation, Subtitling and Dubbing Films for the YoungBy Erga Heller, Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer Sheba, IsraelSection V - Translation, Communication and GlobalizationChapter 9: The Eyes and Ears of the Beholder? Translation, Humor and PerceptionBy Delia Chiaro, University of Bologna, ItalyChapter 10: Teaching Trauma in (and Out of) Translation: Waltzing with Bashir in EnglishBy Alison Patterson & Dan Chyutin, University of Pittsburgh, USA Section VI - Global News and Politics- An introductory noteChapter 11: Mediation in News Translation: A critical analytical frameworkBy Li Pan, Guangdong University, ChinaChapter 12: accent and Prejudice: Israelis' Blind Assessment of Al-Jazeera English News ItemsBy Tal Samuel-Azran, Amit Lavie-Dinur & Yuval Karniel, Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, IsraelSection VII - Promotions, Commercials Tweets and Minisodes- An introductory noteChapter 13: Trailers and promos and teasers, oh my! Adapting television paratexts across culturesBy Chiara Bucaria, University of Bologna at Forlì, ItalyChapter 14: Mediation of Cultural Images in Translation of Advertisements - Alterations and Cultural PresuppositionsBy Ying Cui and Yanli Zhao, Shandong University, China AbstractsAbout the Authors (in order of appearance):Index

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