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The Analysis of Wonder

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann
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Predrag Cicovacki
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Structured to introduce the reader into all aspects of the philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann (1882-1950), this book aims to stimulate further interest into his thought. Once considered the most studious and systematic of all the German philosophers of the twentieth-century, this prolific author has been nearly forgotten. For many years a student and an admirer of Hartmann's work, Cicovacki argues that a closer look into Hartmann's ontologically and axiologically oriented philosophy contains a promise of a vital philosophical orientation, especially with regard to our understanding of the nature, place, and role of humanity in the larger world. "The Analysis of Wonder" - Hartmann's own definition of philosophy - is an invitation to the readers to challenge their preconceived and self-interested notions of reality in order to relearn to appreciate the always changing and conflicting world, in all of its complexity, richness, and sublimity.
Chronological TableIntroduction: Does Hartmann Matter?Part I: BeingI.1 Philosophical MethodI.2 Being as BeingI.3 Modifications of BeingI.4 Strata of Real BeingI.5 Categories of Real BeingI.6 Categories of Being and Categories of Cognition I.7. Ontology of CognitionI.8 Critique of Intellectualism Part II: ValuesII.1 Nature of ValuesII.2 Moral Values in GeneralII.3 Four Fundamental Moral ValuesII.4 Four Forms of LoveII.5 Aesthetic Object and Aesthetic ActII.6 Aesthetic ValuesII.7 Truth in ArtII.8 Sublime II.9 Critique of MoralismPart III: PersonalityIII.1 The Realm of Real Being and the Realm of ValuesIII.2 Personality as a ValueIII.3 Pseudo, Spurious and Genuine PersonalityIII.4 Fulfillment of PersonalityConclusion: Hartmann's New Ways of PhilosophyBibliography of Hartmann's WorksIndex

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