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The Single Currency and European Citizenship

Unveiling the Other Side of The Coin
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Giovanni Moro
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Established in 2002, the Euro is now the currency of 17 countries used by over 335 million people daily. Although the single currency is much discussed in terms of macroeconomics and global finances, policymakers rarely address its impact on European citizenship in social, cultural, political, and everyday life economics terms. This hidden side of the single currency is the focus of the essays, which use various approaches, from economic history and political sociology to citizenship and legitimacy, to reveal the connections between the Euro and European citizenship.This timely contribution by renowned experts provides a greater understanding of the Euro at a time when it is not clear whether it should be celebrated or commemorated, and looks into aspects of the single currency that are the base of the social trust that supports it and that is at stake in the present crisis. It will be an essential tool to anyone studying the political, social, and economic development of the E.U.
Introduction Giovanni Moro PART ONE Multiple Links between Single Currencyand European Citizenship 1 Building citizenship in the post-modern Era:Dimensions of the other side of the coinGiovanni Moro 2 Imaginary Europe: The euro as a symbol andpractice Kathleen R. McNamara 3 The only wealth are human beings: Currencybetween economy and citizenship Thierry Vissol 4 Trust in the euro: The single currency associal construction of an institutional factMatthias Kaelberer 5 Forgotten dimensions: The euro inscientific and policy literature Lucia Mazzuca andRoberto Ranucci PART TWO The Single Currency and theConstruction of European Identity 6 The unintended " Litmus Test " : The euro as a factorof center-formation, trust enhancement, and identitybuilding Daniela Piana 7 Two sides of the same coin? The euro andEuropeanization of collective identitiesThomas Risse 8 Why money can't buy democracy: On thedetachment of the euro from EU citizenshipEva G. Heidbreder 9 Representation of identity: Euro and dollar asidentity builders Arianna Montanari PART THREE European Citizenship in theEuro Turmoil 10 In the light and shadow of the Single Currency:European identity and citizenship Vivien A. Schmidt 11 Divided by a common currency: The euro crisisand European citizenship Cris Shore 12 Between the natural and moral order of things: Theeuro and the problem of agency Víctor Pérez-Díaz 13 Between illusion and disillusion: Public opinionfacing the euro crisis Nando Pagnoncelli 14 Back to the future? The euro and the EU silentconstitution building Dario Castiglione Conclusions: The way forward Giovanni Moro

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