Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things: 250 Alternative Ways to Use Everyday Items

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Shows readers how to remove odours from clothes using vodka, shine leather with butter, clean trainers with toothpaste and much more!
Autor: Instructables Com, Wade Wilgus
Instructables.com is a bona fide Internet sensation, a webbased community of motivated do-it-yourselfers who contribute invaluable how-to guides to the site on a wide range of topics, from gardening and home repair to recipes and gadgets that defy categorization. The site hosts more than 40,000 articles. More than 800,000 registered users visit the site daily, leaving comments and suggestions on the ever-growing list of do-it-yourself projects.

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Autor: Instructables Com
ISBN-13 :: 9781620877258
ISBN: 1620877252
Erscheinungsjahr: 09.07.2013
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