Harbingers of Peace: The Story of My Life

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The author shares the story of his life for his children, grand children and generations ahead. In simple words he describes the varied experiences he had starting from his childhood through youth and adulthood to where is today. Born in a loving and well established family in British India he was enjoying a fun filled childhood when his family was uprooted due to the partition between India and Pakistan. He went through a phase of trials and rehabilitation and emerged a leader by staying focused and determined to achieve his dreams. He not only fulfilled his mission to become an English Professor but later joined the education department of the Indian air force where he played multifaceted roles and served diligently to receive the Medal of Honor for distinguished service -VSM (Vishisht Seva Medal). He stayed strong on his path using spirituality and great work ethic as his armor to shake off any obstacles that came his way. His love for nature and the mountains guided and inspired him along the way to keep striving and serving. A man of great honor and with deep love for his family he continued to inspire the generations that came after to be enthusiastic and spirited and dream bigger dreams than he did for himself. In his own caring way he made a difference to those who came in contact with him. He continues to write and share his spiritual learnings with his family and friends. He successfully carried forward valiantly the seeds of love, peace and humanity that his parents and siblings practiced every day and his is a great story for generations to come of how to work hard, stay focused and continue to be Harbingers of Peace.

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Autor: Jc Malik
ISBN-13 :: 9781618639776
ISBN: 1618639773
Erscheinungsjahr: 17.12.2014
Gewicht: 145g
Seiten: 100
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x5 mm
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