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Solutions To Today's HR Challenges

60 Top Experts Offer Practical Advice, Strategies, Answers
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JoAnn Laing
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As the nation continues in an economic slowdown, HR professionals arefacing new challenges in their everyday work. This book chronicles some solutions offered by experts to these challenges and suggestions on how best to prepare for a changing workplace environment. At the core of their responsibilities, HR professionals are charged with helping company leaders achieve their goals for the enterprise, their employees and themselves. For the past decades in the pages of Your HR Digest and Managing Your HR, experts, successful practitioners and consultants have shared their experiences and knowledge for improving human-resource management with Information Strategies, Inc., (ISI) readers. The solutions in this eBook were chosen based on the feedback from readers who demonstrated their preferences by repeated visits, email responses and follow-up with the experts themselves. In most cases, these solutions have focused on smaller enterprises, usually under 100 employees. However, the suggestions can also be utilized by larger companies as well, and in times of economic upswing. For ease of use, the strategies shared below have been divided into specific areas: Business Leadership Organizational and Employee Development Staffing Employee Relations Benefits Technology Managing HR in a Slow Economy Multi-Generational Work Force Also included in this volume are the results of the studies performed by ISI's editors on a variety of subjects conducted as late as July 2011.

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