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You Can Afford To Die

Sensible Advice From A Practical Funeral Director
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Joseph G. Kalmer
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"e;You Can Afford To Die; Sensible Advice From A Practical Funeral Director"e; teaches you how to save not hundreds, but thousands of dollars on services related to the death of a loved one. Offering sound and sensible advice, backed up by real-life experiences from his funeral business, this author teaches us the difference between a solid bronze casket and one made from 20-gauge steel; and why it's okay to buy the latter. Everything from pre-paid funerals to embalming; cemetery costs to published obituaries are discussed in a very honest manner, teaching us that it's not about being cheap; it's about being practcal. In a strikingly candid look at the funeral industry that offers both heart and humor (as well as timeless information) Joe Kalmer proves that one doesn't need to break the bank in order to plan a funeral. With over two decades of experience as a funeral director he has seen the best and the worst of the industry, and subsequently has adopted a "e;best practice"e; approach for his clients. One which lets them know they have many more choices when planning a funeral than the industry tends to reveal. Joe Kalmer not only recognizes a new age of the funeral industry but invites it to dinner as he takes "e;deathcare"e; outside of the traditional funeral home to a more cost effective place where it can offer the greatest good: the heart and mind of the consumer.

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