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From The Ashes

Believe the Delusion
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Jon S Duffey
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2 - DRM Adobe

It starts with an unspeakable terrorist attack the likes of which haven't been seen in recent times. A suburban mall is flattened by a horrific attack perpetrated by an unknown global cabal who has decided its time to show itself. Once "The Fellas" are brought in, courtesy of cryptic clues given by two men who claim to be part of the attack and turn themselves in, gives USATS. Known for their unusual methods for handling and solving cases, "The Fellas" which consist of Jacob Atwell and his three closest friends, all brothers, Edgerin; Quincy and Lawton Keller get wind of these clues, they are catapulted into a dangerous game of one upmanship against an unknown enemy who seems to know everything about them, yet they know nothing of the organization. The Phoenix, spearheaded by a Council of 12 men and led by the mysterious Hannibal, task Robert Kincaid, head of the NSA and former Vietnam war veteran, to let loose "The Horsemen", a feared and violent group of former ex-military men who have sworn their loyalty to Kincaid and the Phoenix. As the stakes are raised, each side scrambles to get the upper hand, unbeknownst to "The Fellas", the real reason for the onslaught lays in the history of what their fathers were part of.

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