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Yoga of Relationships

A Practical Guide for Loving Yourself and Others
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Yogi Amrit Desai
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Experience a revealing exploration into the most perplexing aspect of life-relationships. Take charge of learning how your own inner landscape, your relationship with yourself, is at the core of everything, everyone and every situation you encounter. Renowned spiritual master Yogi Amrit Desai shares his piercing insight about the true nature of relationships delivered in a plain-English explanation of yogic teachings, peppered with humor, wisdom and personal anecdotes. This rare book is both a spiritual and practical guide to a gaining a clear understanding of how communication, gratitude, forgiveness, awareness and love itself play pivotal roles in creating lasting, loving relationships. Notable Quotes..... "e;You are the creator. What you believe, you create. What you create, you become."e;"e;Life's purpose is to lead every soul toward greater consciousness and freedom from limitations."e;"e;Love is the divine seed within our hearts. Because it exists within each of us as our highest potential, a life filled with love and intimacy is possible for everyone. No one is excluded."e;"e;Addictions are not only related to drugs or alcohol. We can become just as addicted to relationships that give pleasure and relieve us temporarily from pain or fear. We manipulate people and external conditions to mistakenly assure perpetual pleasure, success and happiness."e;"e;Growing up doesn't necessarily mean emotional maturity. That depends on evolving conscious self-awareness; that takes practice, as well as understanding of the difference between who we really are and who we think we are."e;"e;If you are happy, it's not because you have what you want. It's because you are what you want."e;"e;We cannot be fully in a relationship with another until we know ourselves. To experience self-actualization, we must drop all identification, perceptions, expectations, prejudices and demands. We must be in touch with what we are actually experiencing in the present moment."e;"e;When we experience negative or unpleasant emotions, the most important thing to recognize is that it is normal to feel those emotions at times. We have every right to experience whatever we are feeling, but we do not have the right to impose it on others."e;

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