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Make Me Money or Save Me Money!

The Real Secret to Finding a Job for New & Recent College Graduates
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Rick Gillis
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From "e;Make Me Money or Save Me Money! The Real Secret to Finding a Job for New & Recent College Graduates"e;:You begin the resume development process by addressing the incredibly important issue of keywords, those extremely vital and well-placed terms that say you can talk the talk. (The interview is where you will be asked to prove that you can walk the walk.)The second critical task is to create an inventory of your personal best achievements and experiences. This is the "e;heavy lifting"e; portion of this process. You will use this inventory to present and sell yourself to the highest bidder (the company that will pay you the most for what you do). Last, you will write a powerful, rich resume-from a journalist's point of view-that you will be proud to present and that the reader will recognize and treat as a document of substance. If these words ring true to you order this book and find yourself successfully competing with all those other equally talented new graduates. The difference? You will know how the game is really played!

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