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Killing John Barelli

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Lawrence G Maglione
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John Barelli, a collection agent for local bookmakers, enters the Francesi's Salumeria in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where Nicky Morello works as a stock boy. It is 1972 and Barelli has come to collect the past due debt of the storeowner's son, a degenerate gambler. Nicky follows Barelli as he drags the aging proprietor out into Eighty-sixth Street, where he begins to beat him. A crowd of midday shoppers surrounds the two men, as the elevated B train roars by above. When no one comes to the old man's defense, twelve-year-old Nicky leaps on Barelli's back. The boy's small hands grab on to the gangster's eye sockets. When Nicky realizes the futility of his situation, instincts takeover. Suddenly, Barelli howls in pain. Nicky likens the gangster's scream to that of a zebra he had seen in a PBS documentary, when a cackle of hyena's locked their jaws on its hindquarters. Two strong arms lift Nicky above the fray, and, before Barelli can identify him, beyond the perimeter of the crowd. As seventy-two year old Amodeo Francesi lies unconscious near the curb, a bleeding Barelli offers a c-note to anyone in the crowd who will identify the kid who bit off his ear. No one responds. The sound of screeching rubber follows Barelli's fishtailing cherry red, Caddie Eldorado convertible down the street, leaving in its wake an acrid cloud of smoke to settle on the scene of his depravity.

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