Little by Little: A Journey

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"Jack Shaw's book, Little by Little, is a must-read. In the vein of Will Rogers, it is a book full of wit, wisdom, and sage advice for all who would follow God's design for a godly life, a successful life, and a joyful life. In this book, you will find a large number of wise and practical lessons that help people avoid some of the pitfalls of life while at the same time enjoying some aspects of life that others find mundane. I commend this book to you without hesitation. It is one of those books that is truly refreshing, and at the same time smacks of 'I wish I had said it that way' bits of advice. Because of my personal knowledge of the author, I can attest to the authenticity' of this'writing. I believe it will touch many lives in the days ahead."

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Autor: Jack E. Shaw
ISBN-13 :: 9781615070039
ISBN: 1615070036
Gewicht: 544g
Seiten: 372
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x21 mm
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