A Town Divided: A Story of a Beautiful Small Town - Torn Apart by the Disease of Arrogance

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Arrogance in a small town may be compared to a societal game. The object of the game is to convince as many opponents as possible to change sides, using verbal or written means, including insults and innuendo to accomplish this goal.
When nastiness fails to attract anyone from the opponents' side, the game is over. Unfortunately, in the small Western town of River Valley, members of the two teams may remain permanently divided.

Two men from different classes in society, Franklin Gillard and Jack Parker, have become team captains in this "competition." Assistant County Prosecutor Gillard started the game, while Parker was unintentionally drawn into it. The important question is: Will the town of River Valley come out a winner or will everyone be losers? Only time will tell.

A Town Divided: A Story of a Beautiful Small Town - Torn Apart by the Disease of Arrogance brings into focus the differences that make people angry. It poses the dilemma that if a small town cannot come together in peace, then there is little hope for the rest of the world.

Author Richard Duggan is a trial lawyer in Bonita Springs, Florida. He is working on his next book.


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Autor: Richard Duggan
ISBN-13 :: 9781609111878
ISBN: 1609111877
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