Why Do I Take Vitamins? a Book for Children with Autism

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"All children, adults, and families, living with autism and autism spectrum issues will gain a better understanding of their medical problems and how they can be treated by reading her books and seeing the pictures on each page. Again, thank you, Dr. Love, for these fun informative and easy to read books." Phillip C. DeMio, MD Biomedical Autism Treatment Specialist Medical Director of Whole Health and Wellness Founder and Executive Director of American Medical Autism Board WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW... Children on the autistic spectrum have brain and gut inflammation from multiple factors. Some of these factors include environmental toxins and persistent viral, fungal, and/or bacterial infections. This inflammation leads to nutritional deficiencies and altered biochemistry functions all over the body, especially the brain. Children who take nutritional supplementation such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids or take herbs or medication, can help correct inflammation and its causes. As physicians who treat the associated medical conditions of autism, we typically hear parents report beneficial effects such as increased eye contact, better expressive and receptive language, improved social interactions, less sensory issues, better attention, and resolved abdominal pain after such therapies. These supplements and medications can sometimes be problematic if not given appropriately. Some of these substances may also contain sugars, dyes, aluminum, nitrates, preservatives, casein, gluten, corn, soy, phenols, eggs, and other additives that cannot be processed by an autistic child. Special compounding pharmacies and vitamin companies are needed to formulate these therapies to avoid such chemicals. This book will help our children who are affected with autism and their siblings to understand pieces of the medical autism puzzle. Janelle M. Love, MD is a mom of a child on the autistic spectrum and a physician who works with autistic children. She has spent years looking into the biochemistry, genetic, and toxin issues of her patients. She spends a lot of time educating the parents and patients who visit her office on the biomedical issues they are facing and helps them on the journey to recovery. AutismBusters.com

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Autor: MD Janelle M. Love
ISBN-13 :: 9781609111694
ISBN: 1609111699
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