Grimmericks (Grammar Limericks)

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The English language is in no way an easy language to learn, even for those of us born in English-speaking countries. It is full of little idiosyncrasies and exceptions to the rules that confuse us all. Grimmericks presents a fun and humorous way to understand and remember many of those peculiarities that so often trip us up.

Learn from a host of different people, animals, and situations as they illustrate the anomalies of the English language. You may just find that it will be much easier to express your thoughts, emotions, and everyday happenings in exactly the right way.

Born in Chicago, Ron Perry studied aerospace engineering before moving to California, where he now lives about 40 miles east of Los Angeles. He owns a small business that specializes in selling environmental equipment to high-tech industries. Traveling the world for both business and pleasure, he has marveled at how people endeavor and manage to communicate with one another in spite of cultural and/or language differences. He began focusing on writing when he realized that spoken words are soon forgotten, but written words endure. As a follow up to Grimmericks, Perry is currently working on Grimmericks II, which will further explore funny homophones and grammar glitches of the English language.

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Autor: Ron Perry
ISBN-13 :: 9781609111625
ISBN: 1609111621
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 152x229x3 mm
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