Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man the Depraved Mind and Heinous Activities of a Pedophile Exposed

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Peter Gray acquired the nickname "Chocolate Man" when neighborhood children would ring his doorbell and he would hand out chocolate bars to them. Having never married or fathered children of his own, "Poor Poppy" became the name he preferred to call himself.

The children all knew that Poor Poppy would give out chocolate to anyone who came to his door. Because of this activity, Peter Gray would eventually win the confidence of two brothers, and in due time, he invited them into his home.
Based on true events, Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man exposes the hidden sexual activities of Peter Gray, a pedophile living in Victoria, Australia, who through the devious behavior of the "Chocolate Man", was successful in carrying out his sexual exploits with two unsuspecting, but very curious brothers.
Rose C. Taylor was born in Dunedin, New Zealand, and since the age of eighteen has lived in Melbourne, Australia. She is a retired bookkeeper and is an active member of the Australian Liberal Party. She is also the author of the website arewethealiens.com.

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Autor: Rose C. Taylor
ISBN-13 :: 9781609110833
ISBN: 1609110838
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