The Wizard of Food's Encyclopedia of Kitchen & Cooking Secrets

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THIS IS NOT A COOKBOOK! This food encyclopedia is the number one kitchen and cooking reference book in the United States and Canada and has sold over 3 million copies. The book contains thousands of food secrets from chefs and grandmothers worldwide; you don't want to cook or bake any food before looking inside to see what fact or tip may make the dish perfect. It took over 19 years to compile all the secrets in the Wizard of Food's encyclopedia, most of which will not be found in any other book.
Why you need to know the age of an egg when baking
Why you need to put wine corks in your beef stew
The reason cottage cheese is stored upside down
How to choose a steak by looking at the color of the fat
How to de-gas beans
Why you cook a turkey upside down
Why you never put cold butter in a microwave
How to fry foods without the foods absorbing a lot of fat
How to preserve fresh herbs with your breath

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