Bugs by The Numbers Counting Cards

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Awesome insects decorate these eye-catching number wall cards. One side features an insect built from a number that reflects its numerical feat (e.g. 50 comprises the dragonfly because it catches and eats about 50mosquitos each day). When the cards are flipped over, the numbers 1-25 are displayed for more counting games and simple arithmetic skills. It's an engaging and entertaining way to look at?and learn?about bugs and their many numbers.

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Autor: Sharon Werner
ISBN-13 :: 9781609051013
ISBN: 1609051017
Erscheinungsjahr: 02.11.2011
Verlag: Blue Apple Books
Gewicht: 1262g
Seiten: 27
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Sonstiges, 190x247x39 mm, Full Colour
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