Alphabeasties Amazing Activities

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Join the Alphabeasties and draw, color, read, write, and sticker from A to Z. Kids will be engaged with playful, intelligent activities, including mazes, word searches, and rebus puzzles. Packed with over 300 full-color stickers. Illustrations. Consumable.
Autor: Sharon Werner
Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss are graphic designers at the two-person design studio Werner Design Werks, Inc. in St. Paul, Minnesota. They have had remarkable international impact and have garnered their studio many graphic design awards, as well as a place in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, Musée de la Poste, Victoria and Albert Museum, Musée des Arts Decoratifs, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum.

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Autor: Sharon Werner
ISBN-13 :: 9781609050412
ISBN: 160905041X
Erscheinungsjahr: 12.08.2010
Verlag: Blue Apple Books
Gewicht: 450g
Seiten: 64
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 304x306x9 mm, Illustrations, color
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