God Wears Sneakers: Bible Bits for People on the Run

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Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the nose? Take a shot at the guy who got the promotion that belonged to you? Ever had your washing machine spring a leak while you had friends over for dinner? Yeah, me too. Do you find yourself so "overbooked" that you feel like a puppy chasing it's tail? Have you ever been faced with rude and crude people or heard rumors and gossip that makes your stomach churn? Of course, it is a daily event for all of us.
When the world seems to be crazy and there is always too much to do, too many obligations to meet and too much coming against you, this is your book. In a simple and often humorous way, these loosely translated words of scripture will bring the old words into our modern lifestyles.

Very few of us run around speaking the language of King James. It may have been in vogue at one time, but now (almost) no one says, "The wordeth of the Great Almighty hath cometh to me and giveth me hope." In facteth, none of us knoweth what this has to do with the Monday morning rush hour.

"God Wears Sneakers" is a book for those who function in circumstances that belong to the 21st century. It is for those who deal with people, situations and circumstances that demand immediate attention. King James never had his sewer back up, needed to make cupcakes for the Brownies or had a blown engine the day before vacation. We have all had similar experiences and know that Our God will meet our needs.

When John Q. Public faces the world today, it is a little different than what
King James or his people faced in the days of old, isn't it? Well, yes and no. The physical circumstances may be different, but the Word is the same. John Q. Public needs the same God today that King James spoke about.

God was the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Paul. He is our God too. He is a God of today. So when life gets a little hectic, grab this book, read a
chapter or two and remember that just like Humpty-Dumpty God can put all of our pieces back together again and get us back on top of the "wall of life".

Enjoy. God loves laughter!

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