In the Zealots' Crosshairs

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In the Zealots' Crosshairs depicts the beginning of the imaginary clash between the West and radical Islam. The first in the War for the Caliphate series, this book outlines the emergence of a radical Islamic state ruled by hard-line theologians who seek to reestablish the Islamic caliphate and to assert its worldwide dominance. Spearheading the desperate struggle against the zealots'onslaught is FBI Agent Samantha Paulson. The unfolding drama crisscrosses the globe from Europe to North Africa to South America and the Caribbean Islands, culminating in North America. Fast-paced and meticulously researched, In the Zealots' Crosshairs illustrates the gory nature of the conflict as it weaves tales of romance, political intrigue, and brutal physical violence.

James Covington is the penname of a scholar of international relations and the Middle East, a published writer on terrorism, and a former counter-terrorism practitioner. He wrote In the Zealots' Crosshairs, the first in the War for the Caliphate series, to fictionalize the evergrowing concern about committed militants with a global religious cause. Inspired by his understanding of international and security affairs, Covington depicts the possible dangers today's headlines forewarn about the not-so-distant future for audiences both in the West and among the peaceful, silent majority within Islam.

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Autor: James Covington
ISBN-13 :: 9781608449392
ISBN: 1608449394
Gewicht: 417g
Seiten: 284
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x16 mm
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