The Last Rock and Roll Show

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February 3, 1959: At 1 AM, a Cadillac is stolen in Clear Lake, Iowa. Unknown to the thief, a set of tapes lie hidden in the trunk. Five days later in Southern California, a drag race will decide the fate of Buddy Holly's final recording. Will the music live or die?This story begins the day the music died. It's like riding shotgun in a 1950's whodunit. You can smell the fuel burning, quench your thirst with an ice cold Coca-Cola and feel the raw power of classic Detroit muscle screaming from the pages. The Last Rock and Roll Show flawlessly blends the details of the fateful night we lost some of rock's true pioneers with an original tale of teenage dreams gone wrong. The Last Rock and Roll Show is the kind of historical fiction music fans live for.

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Autor: William Daniel White
ISBN-13 :: 9781607258278
ISBN: 1607258277
Gewicht: 481g
Seiten: 267
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x19 mm
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