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Lisa Murphy
Redleaf Press
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Part OneChapter OneMornings With Mary A Crystallizing MomentChapter TwoAt Any Given MomentChapter ThreeGetting With the Program Chapter FourStarting the Journey Chapter FiveA New Beginning Chapter SixTeach Us To Read! Chapter SevenStrengthening the Foundation Chapter Eight"When Does the Playing Stop?!" Chapter NineMeaningful Experiences Part TwoChapter OneMake Time Each Day To... CREATE Creative Tips One through Five Creativity Killers One through EightTwenty Basic Scribbles Creating... In Review Creating... Notable and Quotable Chapter TwoMake Time Each Day To... MOVE Labels Du'Jour and Acronyms A La Mode A.D.D. and A.D.H.D Diagnostic Criteria The Importance of Risk Taking Moving... In Review Moving... Notable and Quotable Chapter ThreeMake Time Each Day To... SING Making It Meaningful Some Songs to Get You Started Singing... In Review Singing... Notable and Quotable Chapter FourMake Time Each Day To... DISCUSS Discussion Destroyers One through Four Discussing Leads to Problem Solving But What Are They Learning?? An Important Sidebar Just Because They Can Doesn't Mean They Should It's So Much More Than A Catchy Phrase! Discussing... In Review Discussing... Notable and Quotable Chapter FiveMake Time Each Day To... OBSERVEThe Sense of Touch The Sense of SmellThe Sense of Taste The Sense of Hearing The Sense of Sight Observing... In Review Observing... Notable and Quotable Chapter SixMake Time Each Day To... READ Favorite Books For Children Reading... In Review Reading... Notable and Quotable Chapter SevenMake Time Each Day To... PLAY If We Call it Science, Then Can We Let Them Play? A Dream? What is a "Good" Program? Playing... In Review Playing... Notable and Quotable Part ThreeChapter OneChallenges We Face Challenges to ... Creating Challenges to ... Moving Challenges to ... Singing Challenges to ... DiscussingChallenges to ... ObservingChallenges to ... Reading Challenges to ... Playing Chapter TwoFinal ThoughtsNotes Bibliography and Suggested Readings
Playing is vital to the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of young children. Yet cries for more "academic preschools" and demands for "higher test scores" are forcing play out of many early childhood environments. Play will show early childhood educators what they can do about it. It explains how play promotes school readiness and is filled with anecdotes, stories, and true-to-life experiences.

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