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Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive

Connecting Your Practice and Curriculum to State Guidelines
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Gaye Gronlund
Redleaf Press
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Working TOCChapter 1 The What and Why of Early Learning Standards Chapter 2 Planning Curriculum with Early Learning Standards in Mind Chapter 3 Using Authentic Assessment Measures Chapter 4 Communication and Literacy Standards in Action Chapter 5 Mathematics Standards in Action Chapter 6 Science Standards in Action Chapter 7 Social Studies Standards in Action Chapter 8 Social/Emotional Standards in Action Chapter 10 Approaches to Learning Standards in Action Chapter 10 Physical Development and Health Standards in Action Chapter 11 Creative Arts Standards in Action Chapter 12 Communicating with Others about Learning Standards Chapter 13 Improving Child Outcomes Related to Learning Standards While Advocating for Young Children Appendix Rigorous Academics in Preschool and Kindergarten? Yes! Let Me Tell You How Glossary Terms Related to Early Learning Standards
Every state has developed some form of early learning standards. Find out how you can apply and use them in ways that are most beneficial to children.Updated to reflect the continuing evolution of early learning standards, this book offers help and hints, support and clarification, and clear explanations of how you can make early learning standards come alive in your early childhood classroom or program. You'll find tools to communicate exactly how you are addressing children's learning as you plan for cognitive and foundational skill development, as well as suggestions to assess children's progress. Easy-to-read charts present information about each major content area or area of development and descriptions of what those standards might look like in classrooms. The charts also suggest activities and interactions to support a child as he or she makes the first attempts toward the standard, progresses toward it, and finally accomplishes the standard.New to this edition: A chapter focusing on Approaches to Learning standards The most recent information on early learning standards from across the country References to the Common Core State Standards and their relationship to early learning standards

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