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The Skinny Carbs Diet

Eat Pasta, Potatoes, and More! Use the power of resistant starch to make your favorite foods fight fat and beat cravings
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David Feder
Rodale Books
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The first cookbook to capitalize on the fat-blasting, health-boosting benefits of resistant starch.After years of being relegated to the dietary sidelines, carbohydrates are making a comeback. Nutrition research shows that carbs have their place in a sensible eating plan--and a certain kind of carb, known as resistant starch, may even enhance the body's natural fat-burning power.Resistant starch is no ordinary starch: It delivers fewer calories per gram than regular starches while increasing post-meal satisfaction. It may also improve blood-sugar control, lower cancer risk, and foster healthy digestion.The Skinny Carbs Diet provides the necessary tools and tips to make the most of resistant starch, including: • the best food sources of resistant starch--potatoes, bananas, breads, and more • complete instructions for cooking with resistant starch (cooling foods before serving is key) • 150 recipes featuring resistant starch ingredients

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