Surrender of Sovereignty: How Man Contrived Religion and Subordinated Himself to It

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When we surrender personal sovereignty to an entity believed to have higher authority than ourselves, a dangerously hypnotic situation occurs. Submission to religious systems that are not based upon reasonable ideas or doctrines leads to fanaticism. It infects us with diminished initiative and reduces personal responsibility for our decisions.
"Surrender of Sovereignty" is a challenging account of how Kirby Clendenon, DDS, explored a path that took him away from his family's traditional faith. His studies led him into a different branch of Christianity, and eventually out of Christianity altogether.
Within these pages Clendenon offers an easy-to-follow history of how the Bible came into existence, examines the credibility of several key pillars of Christianity, and explains how this information prompted him to regain control of his mind and his life.
His powerful message is not just for Christians, but for adherents of all faiths.

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Autor: Kirby Clendenon
ISBN-13 :: 9781604944563
ISBN: 1604944560
Gewicht: 177g
Seiten: 156
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 127x203x9 mm
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