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"What would you give to learn life's secrets?"
O is on a life-changing journey of transformation and discovery, but she must first endure her self-induced sufferings and denials along the way. In a world consumed with greed, ego and fear O is forced to look deep within herself for the answers.
"The Book of O" is an inspiring story of both fiction and nonfiction based on real-life events. It's a story submerged in symbolism, the mysteries of life, and the hidden messages that serve to guide our souls.
With the banking and pharmaceutical industries serving as the playground for the characters, they are a reflection of our modern times and exemplify the need for change in every aspect of our lives.
The unique graphic concept utilizes both colors and character names to emphasize the important symbolic nature of life itself and how it operates in our own lives. Insightful wisdoms underline the text and offer a deeper meaning to the complexity of the story.

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ISBN-13 :: 9781604944549
ISBN: 1604944544
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