Salvation for the Twenty-First Century and Beyond: A Reference Guide on Christian Ethics

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""As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.""-- Pope John Paul II
Would you like the clarity of mind that results from penetrating the moral fog surrounding our culture and the world today?
Young adults, teens, and children look to the older generation to tell them about life. Yet somehow, along the way, these life lessons have been lost.
"Salvation for the Twenty-First Century and Beyond" includes: Generational sayingsReal life lessons learnedSocial ills and current trendsSin and sex and the consequences of bothWorkable action plans for a better world and life
Contrary to conventional wisdom, only the principles set down in the days of old will stop the current downward spiral of immorality that is now threatening the existence of mankind.
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Autor: Sandra Jeffery
ISBN-13 :: 9781604944075
ISBN: 1604944072
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