Stripes of the Tiger: Paws for Reflection

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Marilyn Peters
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216x140x14 mm

Stripes of the Tiger: Paws for Reflection Whether encountering terrorists in Guatemala or an armadillo at midnight, the people of God clothe themselves in His strength. Hurricane and typhoon, tigers and rats, boa constrictors and elephants, all contribute to the stories herein. They tell of my uncle's family that booked passage on the Titanic, a hospital in Bangladesh, monkeys of India, my father's daring rescue as a lifeguard in Korea, as well as his rescue of five survivors of the Filipino Bataan Death March after they reached the coast of China. My prayer is that these incredible stories will highlight for the reader God's faithfulness, His care, His love, provision, and steadfast character in times of distress and hopelessness, as well as in everyday events. By concentrating on Him, we can face the jungle of life. Questions with Biblical references at the end of each story lend themselves to private and group reflection. The jungle mural in my living room reflects my international upbringing, as I've lived in India, Bangladesh, Chile, and Costa Rica. Never mind that it shows an African elephant with Asian tigers and Central American toucans! But my most exciting adventure has been the touch of God. I have led and learned from numerous Bible studies for almost 40 years, minister in Spanish in Costa Rica, and babysit my adorable four-year-old grandsons here in Idaho. Anthony thinks he has two Grandma Marilyn's since another grandma lives in Maryland. Joel is magnetically attracted to sprinklers and puddles and asks questions like, "Why is today Saturday?" My tiger-colored cat has a penchant for pouncing on me at 4: 30 a.m. as if purring pardons the behavior.

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