Novel as Church

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Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1. Sounding the Depths of Dissonance; 2. Have We Heard the End of the Sermon?; 3. Amen: The Assumption of Authority; 4. Keeping Faith: The Troubled Preacher in Updike and Lodge; 5. Heaven in Ordinary: Religious Experience in Fictional Sermons; 6. Words: Poison in the Ear, a Game with Language, or Naming Truth?; 7. Shaping Paradise through Preaching; 8. Memory and Imagination; Epilogue; Notes; Bibliography; Index
The Novel as Church analyzes the context and intent behind these messages, uncovers the dissonance between noveland traditional preaching, and illuminates how readers' attitudes toward preaching (and those who preach) may be influenced--or not--by the sermon writers themselves.--Darren J. N. Middleton, Texas Christian University "Religious Studies Review"
Autor: David Dickinson
David Dickinson is Director of the St Albans Centre for Christian Studies and a minister at Marlborough Road Methodist Church in St Albans, UK.

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Autor: David Dickinson
ISBN-13 :: 9781602586826
ISBN: 1602586829
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2013
Gewicht: 536g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 228x152x24 mm
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