Science and Method

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"Henri Poincare¿s Science and Method is an examination of the process scientists go through when determining which of the countless facts before them will be most useful in advancing scientific knowledge.

In this highly readable text¿first published in 1908 and here presented in a 1914 translation¿Poincare investigates mathematics, logic, physics, mechanics, and astronomy and discusses how the methods of selection differ with each field.

Topics discussed include:
¿ the selection of facts
¿ the future of mathematics
¿ chance
¿ the relativity of space
¿ mathematics and logic
¿ mechanics and radium
¿ mechanics and optics
¿ the new mechanics and astronomy
¿ the Milky Way and the theory of gases
¿ and much more.

French theoretical physicist, philosopher of science, and mathematician HENRI POINCARE (1854¿1912) also wrote New Methods of Celestial Mechanics (1892¿99) and Lessons of Celestial Mechanics. (1905¿10)."

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Autor: Henri Poincare
ISBN-13 :: 9781602064485
ISBN: 1602064482
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2007
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