A Better Way to Zone: Ten Principles to Create More Livable Cities

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"A Better Way to Zone" explores the constitutional and legal framework of zoning, its evolution over the course of the twentieth century, the reasons behind major reform efforts of the past, and the adverse impacts of most current city zoning systems. With insight and clarity, Donald Elliott provides a vision of the future of zoning that is not tied to a particular picture of how cities should "look," but is instead based on how cities should "operate."
Autor: Donald L. Elliott
Donald Elliott is an attorney and city planner with extensive experience in real estate and land use planning. He is a senior consultant in the Denver, Colorado, office of Clarion Associates, a national land-use and real estate consulting firm. Elliott is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a former project director for downtown and Gateway zoning for the City and County of Denver.

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Autor: Donald L. Elliott
ISBN-13 :: 9781597261814
ISBN: 1597261815
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2008
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