The Open Window: 8 Weeks to Creating an Extraordinary Life

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Catherine Galasso-Vigorito
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America’s bestselling author and inspirational columnist Catherine Galasso-Vigorito brings practical Biblical advice and true, modern-day stories to serve as illuminating encouragement in the face of life’s challenges.
Introduction:  Recognize "Closed Doors" as Golden OpportunitiesWindow One – Get Ready: Change Is on the Way!Day one:    Today is the day to begin to discover your purpose.Day two:    Accept the unknowns with confidence.Day three:    Yesterday’s pain will open a window to a future filled with hope.Day four:    Let God’s plan transform your life.Day five:    Believe in yourself and start loving you.Day six:    Make time for what matters most.Day seven:    In the face of change, take care of your physical health.Window Two – Have Patience and Await God’s DirectionDay one:    When God says, "Wait," wait.Day two:    Put aside all anxious thoughts and pray.Day three:    The secret of patience is doing something else in the meantime.Day four:    Remember that difficult times, too, shall pass.Day five:    God has a special timetable for His plans to manifest.Day six:    Can’t go on? Have a little more patience and try just once more.Day seven:    Take life the way it comes and you will be truly blessed.Window Three – Fortify Yourself with CourageDay one:    Confront that giant and you will conquer it.Day two:    Be determined to follow your heart and you’ll win the race before you.Day three:    Learn from mistakes and fail forward.Day four:    Small voice within guides you to bigger things in life.Day five:    Defeat may test you, but it doesn’t have to stop you.Day six:    The words you speak are like a miraculous wand.Day seven:    God wants you to live by choice, not by chance.Window Four – Let God’s Will Become Your RealityDay one:    You’ll know your calling by heart.Day two:    Awaken and tap into your vast potential.Day three:    Accept the great life that is waiting for you.Day four:    Let down your nets of faith and be filled with an overflow of blessings.Day five:    Destiny unveils the purpose for your life.Day six:    Quitting is not an option.Day seven:    The blessing is within your reach.Window Five— Rally Your Supporters and Look for HelpDay one:    Saving grace will come from above.Day two:    You really benefit yourself, when you love and lend a hand to others.Day three:    Humor enriches your life and lessens burdens.Day four:    Help is available to you right now.Day five:    Life experiences, good and bad, mold character.Day six:    A great attitude paves the way for great results.Day seven:    Departed loved ones are never far away.Window Six – Never Give UpDay one:    Windows of opportunity usually swing open on the hinges of adversity.Day two:    Dreams come true when you work for them.Day three:    Tune out the naysayers, for great things wait beyond the barriers.Day four:    Don’t quit when obstacles rise up before you.Day five:    If you take the first step, God will do the rest.Day six:    Reach forth with fortitude and take your gifts out into the world.Day seven:    Regardless of challenges, you can live your dream.Window Seven – Share Your Strength with OthersDay one:    Learn to overcome with God’s strength, not just your own.Day two:    A little love and kindness go a long way.Day three:    Setting a good example benefits generations to come.Day four:    You gain strength by serving others.Day five:    The written word can provide the inspiration for success.Day six:    Take God’s hand and He will lead you to victory.Day seven:    The will to excel conquers obstacles.

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