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211x274x10 mm

With a selection of fine historic images from his bestselling book Historic Photos of Chattanooga, William F. Hull provides a valuable and revealing historical retrospective on the growth and development of Chattanooga. By the mid nineteenth century, the city of Chattanooga was a vibrant cultural center of the South. Through the Civil War, Reconstruction, two world wars, and into the modern era, Chattanooga has continued to grow and prosper by overcoming adversity and maintaining the strong, independent culture of its citizens. This volume, Remembering Chattanooga, captures this journey through still photography from the finest archives of city, state, and private collections. From the Civil War, to the building of a modern metropolis, Remembering Chattanooga follows life, government, education, and events throughout Chattanooga's history. The book captures unique and rare scenes through the original lens of more than a hundred historic photographs. Published in striking black-and-white, these images communicate historic events and everyday life of several generations of people building a unique and prosperous city.

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