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Native South Carolinian and historian Benjamin Brawley once wrote, "The little triangle on the map known as South Carolina represents a portion of our country whose influence has been incalculable.” Always fiercely independent, South Carolina has been a republic twice in its history: once prior to the Revolutionary War, and second prior to the War Between the States. From the immense wealth of the Colonial period to the debilitating poverty of Reconstruction and the early twentieth century, South Carolina's history has always been compelling. One South Carolinian offered, "We had our love of family, our love of history, our resistance to change that was both for and against us.” Blessed by the attention of photographers for more than 150 years, South Carolina and its remarkable past is seen through this fascinating collection of photographs, which brings the stories of the people and history of the Palmetto State to life. Join historian Doug Bostick as he chronicles the history of his home state since 1860, viewed through the lens of a camera.

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