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The history of Hoboken, New Jersey, is an American blue-collar success story. Once a riverside getaway for New Yorkers, the port city of Hoboken developed to become an integral part of the economic system of the entire area. With the city's growth came immigrants who found work in the shipping, manufacturing, and transportation industries, and who placed their stamp on the city's evolving culture. Hoboken became a draw for the many in other countries who yearned for that breath of fresh air on America's golden shores. In dramatic black-and-white, Historic Photos of Hoboken tells the story of this hardworking city on the Hudson River. Included are evocative views of nineteenth-century schools, churches, and storefront businesses; images of brave soldiers ready for service in World War I; and scenes of both economic vitality and sometimes tragedy in a city tied to the waterfront. Through its words and images, Historic Photos of Hoboken pays tribute to the resilience of this vibrant American city.

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