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262x259x25 mm

With a history tied to the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge has grown from its colonial past as a military outpost favored by the French, English, and Spanish, in turn, into an American city of modern industry and rich diversity. Through the years, the people of Baton Rouge have weathered travails while developing a unique culture and city. Baton Rouge has seen occupation during the Civil War, the destruction by fire and reconstruction of the state capitol, catastrophic flooding, and political and civil conflict-but also the economic impact of a growing port, the historic arrivals of Louisiana State University and Southern University, and the joyful rituals of Saturday football and the Washington's Birthday Firemen's Parade. Telling the city's story in words and vivid black and white, Historic Photos of Baton Rouge documents 100-plus years in the life of the "Red Stick? as only the camera can capture it-one engaging image at a time.

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