Economics of Telecommunications Systems

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Preface; Introduction and Overview; Measuring the Productivity Offset for Regulatory Purposes; The Change in Productivity of Local Exchange Carriers in the United States; The Impact of Incentive Regulation on Service Quality in Telecommunications; Regulating Local Exchange Carriers in the United States; Monopoly Power and the Problem of CLEC Access Charges; Special Access Service and Its Regulation in the United States; The Market for Subscription Television Service; Some Further Thoughts on the Demand for Cable Service; A Hedonic Analysis of the Price of Cable Channel Offerings; Index.
This being the case, what is very useful is an ex post assessment of the policies that have been implemented in order to evaluate their impact. An objective evaluation of the impact of a policy affords an opportunity to make adjustments to it based on the realised economic consequences.
Autor: Noel D. Uri
Noel D Uri

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Autor: Noel D. Uri
ISBN-13 :: 9781594541650
ISBN: 1594541655
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