Focus on Aggression Research

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Preface; Measuring Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparison of the Conflict Tactics Scale and the Timeline Follow-back Spousal Violence Interview; How could they do that? Parental Aggression: Its Impact on Childrens Adult Mental Health, Its Link to Understand Social Violence; Destructive Communication in Stepfamilies; The Measurement of Memories for Childhood Teasing; When Bad Deeds are Forgiven: Judgements of Morality and Forgiveness for Intergroup Aggression; Diminished Sense of Self-Existence and Aggression: The Psychology of Modern Japanese Youths; Neurobehavioral Aspects of Aggression; Anger, Aggression, and Risky Behaviour in High Anger Drivers; The Impact of Gender and Stress on Traffic Aggression: Are we Really that Different?; When Music Heals; Index.
Aggression may be defined as: the act of initiating hostilities or invasion; the practice or habit of launching attacks; or the practice or habit of launching attacks. Aggression is one of the most important and most controversial kinds of motivation. Its use as a category in the psychology of motivation has often been criticised, because it is clear that it encompasses a vast range of phenomena, from modern war to squabbles between individuals. There is an important familial component to aggression, antisocial behaviour, crime, and violence. Essentially all people are in some way affected by aggression, whether they are targets of it, engage in it themselves, or are charged with observing and controlling it in others. Thus aggression is of concern to victims, perpetrators, and those professionals charged with its treatment because of personal safety, well-being, or obligation. This new book examines the foundations and manifestations of aggression.

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