Discrete Inequalities of the Cauchy-Bunyakovsky-Schwarz Type

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Preface; (CBS) -- Type Inequalities; Refinements of the (CBS) -- Inequality; Functional Properties; Reverse Inequalities; More Reverse Inequalities; Related Inequalities; Index.
The Cauchy-Bunyakovsky-Schwarz inequality, or for short, the CBS inequality, plays an important role in different branches of Modern Mathematics including Hilbert Spaces Theory, Probability and Statistics, Classical Real and Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations and their applications. The main purpose of this book, that is mainly based on a survey paper written by the author in the Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics is to identify and highlight the discrete inequalities that are connected with the CBS inequality. Provided are refinements, counterparts and reverse results as well as the study of some functional properties of certain mappings that can be naturally associated with this inequality such as superadditivity, supermultiplicity, the strong versions of these and the corresponding monotonicity properties. Many companions and related results both for real and complex numbers are also presented. It was one of the main aims of the book to provide complete proofs for the results considered.

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Autor: Sever Silvestru Dragomir
ISBN-13 :: 9781594540493
ISBN: 1594540497
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2004
Verlag: Nova Science Publishers Inc
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Sprache: Englisch
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