Global Anisotropy of Physical Space

Experimental and Theoretical Basis
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CONTENTS: Foreward; Notation; Introduction; Initial Experiments on Investigation of Anisotropic Properties of Physical Space Using High-Current Magnets, Torsion and Piezoresonance Balances; Introduction Experimental Investigations of Changes in ss-Decay Rate of Radioactive Elements and Global Anisotropy of Physical Space; Experimental Investigations of Characteristics of New Force Using Magnetic Discs Rotating in Vacuum; Experimental Investigations of Global Anisotropy of Physical Space Using Plasma Devices; Experimental Investigations of New Force Characteristics Using High-Accuracy Quantz Gravimeter 'Sodin' and System of Two Quartz Resonators; Theoretic Model of Physical Space Structure and Possible Arguments in Support of the Existence of Its Global Anisotropy; Astrophysical Manifestations of Global Anisotropy of Physical Space Caused by Existence of Cosmological Vectorial Potential; Index.
Special Interest Categories: physics; astrophysics; space engineering. In the monograph, the results of experimental investigations of the global anisotropy of physical space hypothetically caused by the existence of cosmological vectorial potential, a new fundamental vectorial constant associated with a new anisotropic interaction of objects in nature, are presented. The above interaction is distinct from the four existing ones: the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational interactions. It is shown that the same anisotropic property of the physical space manifests itself with a high degree of reliability (~0.95) in experimental investigations performed with the aid of torsion and piezoresonance quartz balances posed in high-current magnets, in investigations of changes of (-decay rate of radioactive elements as well as in experiments with plasma devices, a system of quartz resonators, and two high-accuracy quartz gravimeter 'Sodin' one of which is with a specially attached magnet.
It is also shown that the experimentally detected anisotropic property of physical space reveals itself in the anisotropic distribution of earthquakes above 6 Richter numbers of power (for the spatially immobile Globe), in the distribution of solar flares on the surface of the immobile Sun, in the distribution of pulsars in the Galaxy and possibly in the suggested rotation of the Metagalaxy.

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